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About Us

The Family Peer Navigator was created with the mentality "for us, by us". We are a group that have come together to help connect with, inform, guide, and empower the Black community on matters around early psychosis and other mental health concerns. As a group we represent family members, community members and advocates, providers, and researchers. If you are interested in joining our efforts to improve pathways to care for Black and African American families, please contact us at

Meet Our Team

FPN Community Advisory Board

If you have any questions, or would like to present at our board meeting, please reach out to us at

Vanessa Adams

Program Coordinator for KMHPC

Zyna Bakari

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

Piety Clark

Family with Lived Experience

Demarius Evans

Family with Lived Experience

Jemella Kennebrew

WSU Family Peer Navigator for King County

Pavielle Montes

Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle

Oladunni Oluwoye

WSU Principal Researcher

LaTonya Rogers

King County Mental Health

Rahel Schwartz

YMCA of Greater Seattle

Verneta Seaton

Zia Larson's Ray of Light Foundation

Bryony Stokes

WSU Research Coordinator

Michael Swann

NAACP King County

Vodney Wynn

Zia Larson's Ray of Light Foundation

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