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We hope that the FPNavigator is a place you can get connected to family peers and learn more about psychosis within our community.

Black and African Americans are historically under-served, over-diagnosed, and marginalized in mental health services. Services for treatment are frequently not as accessible as they are for others, and in part due to the cultural trauma of racial inequity and purposeful misinformation, Black and African American families seek help more from informal support systems, such as religious organizations, schools, and friends. This can delay the time to needed mental health help.

The FPNavigator service hopes to navigate within these informal systems and meet you where you feel comfortable to help break down the barriers and stigma to getting help for yourself and your loved ones.


We have created a series of material called Gather Around which meant to inform you by providing tips, facts, and guidance on other resources in our community.

Download them all or pick and choose the ones that are useful for you.

If you would like to collaborate and create a personalized Gather Around infographic, please reach out to


Please feel free to watch these videos from individuals and family members who have shared their experiences

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